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Inspection Services

Gafna Tex can provide a series of inspection process, from factory, material, production, finishing to loading, etc. By having inspection services, it can ensure your product and suppliers meet all safety and performance standards.
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Audit Services

Gafna Tex provides you with the same degree of comfort and control in India that you are accustomed to, when dealing with your domestic suppliers.
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Home Textile Products

We offer a wide range of home textile products that is suitable for both the traditional and modern ambiance.
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End-to-end Solutions for Quality Improvement

At Gafna Tex, we offer quality control and assurance services for every stage of your apparel supply chain – from source to shelf.

Quality Control

We offer reliable, customized and flexible textile quality management solutions at all stages of production.

Technical Advisory

We work with your development teams to help identify product issues at an early stage.


We help importers and manufacturers to measure and improve a product or facility’s sustainability performance.

Risk Management

We identify specific risks and make decisions about how to manage them in the future.


Documentation lays a very important part is QA. It can save a lot of money and time.

On-Time Delivery

We are highly committed to on-time deliveries, to ensure consigments leave on time.

Our Latest Products

Quality Control Approach

Quality control of textile and garment products requires considerable on-site experience and close attention to detail. Gafna Tex Inspection technical engineers customize our standard Product Checklist by adding specific tests to meet your quality requirements.
Gafna Tex Inspection verifies the quality, specifications, function, safety, and compliance of your textile products with relevant international standards.
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